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  • My journey with Scrite

    This is the story of how Scrite, the free and open source multilingual screenplay writing app came to be. Sometime in December 2019, I started trying my hand at writing screenplays. For a few months, until the beginning of March 2020, I was writing something almost every single day. I finished writing 3 screenplays and…

  • The MBP Reborn

    About two weeks ago my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) decided to call it quits. I was writing an email. The display went blank. I connected an external monitor; nothing. I tried to cold reboot; nothing. Nothing I did could reboot it.

  • PropertyBinder class in Qt

    PropertyBinder class in Qt

    In QML we have this super-cool feature that allows us to bind the property value of one object as a function of the property value of another object. For instance Item { width: anotherItem.width * 2 } In the example above, the width of one item is twice the width of another item. If for…

  • Acoustic Panels, Flooring, Full HD Projector, 320cm Screen, Kodi Home Theatre …

    In Aug this year, I dropped by at the Bangalore 2016 WhatHiFi event. Every piece of equipment that go into making a good home theater was featured in the event. On display were projectors, screens, speaker systems, amplifiers, seating furniture… Everything you would need to build a great home theater. Both desi and international brands were on…

  • Making technology training experiential

    Since 2003, I have been conducting corporate training programs on various subjects like Qt, OpenGL, VTK, GCF. At one point I was even teaching Linux Kernel and Device Driver Programming, thanks to my employment at Linux Learning Centre. Over the past 13 years, I have been able to observe certain meta-data about the training that…

  • OpenGL Course @ Havelsan, Ankara, Turkey

    What an awesome and intellectually satisfying time I had in Ankara, Turkey giving a course on OpenGL to 16 wonderful people at Havelsan.

  • MacBook Pro – the best notebook I have ever bought!

    On February 2013, I bought a 15″ MacBook Pro Retina Display Notebook. It came with a 512GB solid state drive, 16 GB of RAM, 2.7 GHz i7 processor running Mac OS 10.8. Over the years I have upgraded the OS to Mavericks and now Yosemite. It will be 2 years since I bought the laptop in…

  • Simple JSON Parser / Serializer in Qt

    Today XML and JSON are hot formats for data exchange. While Qt natively supports XML, it doesnt support JSON (well directly). Most developers use external libraries like qjson to serialize QVariantMap objects to a json-string and parse json-string into QVariantMap. One of the key disadvantages of using qjson (or maybe even other libraries) is the…

  • World Wide Economy Collapse – Explained!

  • Machinery of the “Brain”

    I have been reading this book called Tell-a-tale Brain from V. S. Ramachandran. I must say that his books are just as pleasing to read as it is to listening to his talks. The book brings together the author’s findings from several years of research about the human brain. With interesting tales, research findings and…

  • GCFApplicationServer and Clean-URLs

    GCFApplicationServer provides a neat platform for hosting Qt/GCF components and then accessing objects and their methods from an external system like a browser or remote GCF application. Up until GCF 2.5.0 we have been supporting AJAX style access to objects and their methods (available on GCFApplicationServer).

  • GCF Version 2.5 Released

    Bangalore, India (3rd May 2011) VCreate Logic announces the release of  GCF – Version 2.5. GCF (Generic Component Framework), based on Qt, allows developers to compose applications as a collection of components. GCF offers a ready made application architecture

  • VCreate Logic is Hiring

    We are looking for developers who have working experience in developing Qt/C++ applications to join our team, that creates desktop software for diverse domains.

  • GCF Training @ Nanterre, Paris – November 2010

    I just came back from Paris last week after finishing a 4 day training on GCF for a group of 7 developers in a company there. I had a fun time with the team of 7 – it was very interesting to note the interest and enthusiasm with which they took the training.

  • GCF Version 2.4 Released

    GCF (Generic Component Framework), based on Qt, allows developers to compose applications as a collection of components. GCF offers a ready made application architecture to manage loading, initialization and unloading of components, to configure components using XML files, to merge GUI offered by different components into a single application container widget, to have components easily…