VCreate Logic is Hiring

We are looking for developers who have working experience in developing Qt/C++ applications to join our team, that creates desktop software for diverse domains.

Our Work: Our flagship product is Generic Component Framework or GCF. GCF, based on Qt, allows developers to compose applications as a collection of components. GCF offers a ready made application architecture to manage plugins, automatically download and install software updates and communicate with applications within or beyond the host computer system. The last version includes a tool called “GCF Application Server” using which developers can now create and host GCF components for access from a web-application. We are looking for developers to join us, further develop GCF and build solutions around Qt/GCF for our customers.

Work Culture: At VCreate Logic, we have a very open work culture. You will know every one in the company and will be a part of key decision making processes. In short you will be the company 🙂

Hiring Process: Our hiring process is simple – we first process the resumes that we receive. Short-listed developers will be personally contacted to know more about their work experience. If we can take a look at any code that you have developed – then great, otherwise; we will send across a Qt/C++ based programming challenge via email. You can revert back with your code for the programming challenge within 48 hours and we will get back to you after evaluating your code.

If all of this sounds interesting for you, send your resume to

About Us: We are a software products and services company, based out of Bangalore (India). For the last 6 years we have been developing applications for different domains (like Medical Visualization, EDA and Radar Display) using a combination of Qt/C++, OpenGL, VTK and our home-grown product GCF ( Going forward we have plans to further the capability of GCF in allowing developers to make available their Qt/GCF components available as web-services – there by enabling developers to take their Qt/Desktop applications to the web! We are also currently working with companies that are using GCF for development of large visualization applications. For more information please visit