GCF Version 2.4 Released

GCF (Generic Component Framework), based on Qt, allows developers to compose applications as a collection of components. GCF offers a ready made application architecture

  • to manage loading, initialization and unloading of components,
  • to configure components using XML files,
  • to merge GUI offered by different components into a single application container widget,
  • to have components easily discover functionality offered by other components,
  • to automatically download and install component updates from one or more update servers,
  • to communicate with components on other applications within and outside the host computer (IPC),
  • to create signal/slot connections between objects residing in different processes (IPC)
  • to load KParts and ActiveX components with ease

On November 24, 2010, we at VCL announced the availability of GCF Version 2.4.

The main new feature in this version is the “GCF Application Server” tool. Using this tool developers can now create and host GCF components for access from a web-application. This means that you can now create web-services using Qt/GCF and write AJAX style web applications to call on methods exposed by objects in your GCF components. Visit to know more!

In addition to the above key new feature, the latest version of GCF

  • works with Qt 4.6 and Qt 4.7 (infact the minimum requirement is 4.6)
  • has an updated plugin to help to create GCF applications using Qt Creator 2.0.1. Pre-compiled binaries (Windows and Linux) for Qt Creator 2.0.1 available.
  • enables IPC over HTTP protocol

Download the latest release of GCF by visiting