GCF Training @ Nanterre, Paris – November 2010

I just came back from Paris last week after finishing a 4 day training on GCF for a group of 7 developers in a company there. I had a fun time with the team of 7 – it was very interesting to note the interest and enthusiasm with which they took the training.

In the training, they got present to how GCF is usable when it comes to the design and development of large and ever growing desktop software, that requires multiple teams to work on it, that requires possible 3rd party participation. This is the first training of GCF after the “GCF Application Server” was released. The training also included a whole day of material on how web-service components can be written using GCF (and hosted using GCF Application Server) and how web-applications can be written for accessing the same.

The training itself was fun. A bit scary, however, was the weather. It was snowing everywhere. The folks at the company that I visited were telling me that it was unusual to have snow during this time of the year.

It was the first time that I ever experienced snow. At first it was scary, then it got better. It looks great after the snow. BUT my body could not take on the massive change in temperature all that well. For me, 14-15 degrees is cold! But over there it was -2/-5 degrees most of the time. It was actually warmer to sit in the fridge than outside! By the time I was done with the training – I had fever, cold, cough and you name it…

In all, the visit to Paris was very exciting on the technical front. Not as much on the weather and health front.