How dare you? Because, obviously…

My carbon footprint is significant.

  • I have driven bikes/cars that run on petrol for ~24 years now.
  • I use flights almost 6-10 times a year.
  • I have bought clothes knowing that they come covered in plastic.
  • I have bought products off the Internet knowing that they come covered in plastic.
  • I have bought parcelled food from hotels many many times. Until very recently they would parcel in plastic containers, covers etc. I could have taken my own metal boxes or reused old plastic ones, but I never did that.
  • I have used plastic covers, bags, boxes all my life.
  • I have washed my clothes & vehicles using soap many many times and allowed the polluted water to join rivers.
  • I use enough and more electricity, much of which is generated by burning coal.
  • I have purchased too many things in my life and thrown them away. I am sure they are in a dump somewhere.
  • I have wholeheartedly supported the IT revolution by adopting many many technologies for personal use, thereby supporting all of the pollution their manufacturing causes.
  • I have wholeheartedly supported rampant construction. Not that I have bought houses as such. But have shown enough interest to become part of a massive market that’s driving demand for construction.

I could go on and on and on.

The thing is, I will likely continue many of the above in the future.

But that won’t stop me from applauding and lending my support for someone who says “How dare you?” In fact, I love being blissfully mindless of my hypocrisy. Because you see; in the recent past I have adopted one or two practices that are “green”. Obviously, I have done my bit. So, HOW DARE YOU?

Have you considered typing in a form?

My friend Murali Krishna loaned us his old typewriter. Advay loves to play with it, to type stories using it and in general explore different kinds of writing. One afternoon he decided to fill out a form using the typewriter. His answers are quite accurate.

Whats interesting is that he read long sentences on the form, understood it and answered it from his point of view.

Carpentry season

Advay, my 8 year old, has developed a liking for carpentry off late. His first tryst with carpentry was two years ago when he was frequently visiting Aarohi. Since then he would take up carpentry projects every once a while.

One of my close friends, Murali Krishna, has recently renovated his house and dedicated half of his terrace to his carpentry workshop. He keeps doing some woodwork or the other.

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Falling from a 4 feet wall…

Every new year, some of us friends gang up in someone’s house and spend the night out (31st night). We play games, talk, dance, watch movies and indulge in “intellectual” talk.

This year, we all ganged up at my place. We played a few games, got people to dance in couples, danced in groups, had good food together and generally had a good time with each other. Late in the night, we all watched a couple of episodes (Nosedive & Playtest) of Black Mirror together and Continue reading “Falling from a 4 feet wall…”

Acoustic Panels, Flooring, Full HD Projector, 320cm Screen, Kodi Home Theatre …

In Aug this year, I dropped by at the Bangalore 2016 WhatHiFi event. Every piece of equipment that go into making a good home theater was featured in the event. On display were projectors, screens, speaker systems, amplifiers, seating furniture… Everything you would need to build a great home theater. Both desi and international brands were on display, totaling to ~120 brands!! Continue reading “Acoustic Panels, Flooring, Full HD Projector, 320cm Screen, Kodi Home Theatre …”