What is the meaning of meaning?

Advay (my 8 year old) asks me: “Appa, what is the meaning of meaning?”

Having read a lot of philosophy, this question appealed to the philosopher in me. I paused for a while, pondered over the question and tried to grasp the depth of such a question. After spending a while in deep thought I said – “well meaning is likely meaningless, because it is absurd”

Advay looks at me, trying to comprehend the new words I threw at him. Few seconds later he nods his head in disagreement, as if telling me that I make things a bit too complicated.

He then said: “Aiyoo Appa, the meaning of meaning is Fishing.” And started laughing as if he had stated something profound.

It took awhile for me to get it. Hint: In Kannada “meenu” means fish.

Kids these days…