Vipassana – Getting in touch with reality as-it-is

It has now been almost a month since I finished my Vipassana course. I still feel the magic! So I thought that it is apt to write about my experience now – since it has not faded away.

There are a ton of blogs out on the Internet that give a fairly accurate day-by-day account of the Vipassana course. So I wont go into it. I __do__ however, want to give a quick overview of the course content.

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All the self-improvement programs…

I have gone through a lot of self-improvement, self-actualisation, self-realisation and “enlightenment” courses in my 33 years of life. The first self-improvement program I attended was when I was 15 years old! I recently finished my almost 5 year stint at Landmark, of which 1.5 years was as a Introduction Leader.

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On June 14, 2011 (7:28 PM) – my wife gave birth to a baby boy in Pushya Hospital, Shimoga. Our lives have undoubtedly changed for ever. The moment of birth is magical, unexplainable, un-expressable. Words fall short when I begin to articulate my experience of the process of child birth or when I begin to articulate what my wife and I were feeling when our boy was born. Almost any achievement or progress or creativity that I have seems small in front of the miracle of birth that nature has executed for us.

My talk on Entrepreneurship @ RVCE

RV College of Engineering is the top most engineering institution in the state of Karnataka, India. It was also the venue for the very first KDE India Conference. My first visit to RVCE was on the first day of the conference – where I was co-delivering a talk on Qt programming essentials along with my colleague Abhishek Patil. Last week I was invited by the MCA Department of RVCE to give a talk on “Entrepreneurship and FOSS”. In this blog post – I want to share the gist of my talk. Continue reading “My talk on Entrepreneurship @ RVCE”