On June 14, 2011 (7:28 PM) – my wife gave birth to a baby boy in Pushya Hospital, Shimoga. Our lives have undoubtedly changed for ever. The moment of birth is magical, unexplainable, un-expressable. Words fall short when I begin to articulate my experience of the process of child birth or when I begin to […]

Werner Erhard on ‘Mastery in Life’

THE ‘Werner Erhard’ descended upon 1000+ people at the Yogi Sabhagruh auditorium (behind Swamy Narayan Temple, Dadar-E) in Mumbai yesterday at 7 PM. Every one of the attendees there were either ‘est’ or ‘Landmark Forum’ graduates. I was able to spot one Landmark Forum leader: Ms. Arunaraje and several seminar leaders including the famous actor […]