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  • Making of wooden beads & toys using Pattari in Channapatna

    Making of wooden beads & toys using Pattari in Channapatna

    This April, a friend of ours (Srilakshmi) hosted a workshop at her home in Channapatna. We learned about what goes on behind the scenes when the famous wooden toys are made there. Mr. Ravindra, an artist and teacher who has been making toys in Channapatna for the last 30 years, offered to coach us on…

  • Community living of Ants

    I happened to look at this brilliant condo of Red Ants. They have painfully glued together three leaves and live in commnunity. The above pic was taken from the rear end of their abode. Below is a pic taken from their front door.

  • My son wants to pose

    My son wants to make faces and pose for me to take a pic.

  • OpenGL Course @ Havelsan, Ankara, Turkey

    What an awesome and intellectually satisfying time I had in Ankara, Turkey giving a course on OpenGL to 16 wonderful people at Havelsan.

  • Vipassana – Getting in touch with reality as-it-is

    Vipassana – Getting in touch with reality as-it-is

    It has now been almost a month since I finished my Vipassana course. I still feel the magic! So I thought that it is apt to write about my experience now – since it has not faded away. There are a ton of blogs out on the Internet that give a fairly accurate day-by-day account of the…

  • Vipassana – almost begins

    Vipassana – almost begins

    Since my graduation – there has always been some sort of an interest in “figuring out life”. The vast abyss that life is – sometimes scares me, sometimes inspires me and sometimes makes me just plain lazy. I seek education in the hope that I might be able to make leaps in my journey of…

  • All the self-improvement programs…

    I have gone through a lot of self-improvement, self-actualisation, self-realisation and “enlightenment” courses in my 33 years of life. The first self-improvement program I attended was when I was 15 years old! I recently finished my almost 5 year stint at Landmark, of which 1.5 years was as a Introduction Leader. At this point –…

  • Compilation of Steve Jobs Talks

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  • Fatherhood

    On June 14, 2011 (7:28 PM) – my wife gave birth to a baby boy in Pushya Hospital, Shimoga. Our lives have undoubtedly changed for ever. The moment of birth is magical, unexplainable, un-expressable. Words fall short when I begin to articulate my experience of the process of child birth or when I begin to…

  • GCF Version 2.5 Released

    Bangalore, India (3rd May 2011) VCreate Logic announces the release of  GCF – Version 2.5. GCF (Generic Component Framework), based on Qt, allows developers to compose applications as a collection of components. GCF offers a ready made application architecture

  • My talk on Entrepreneurship @ RVCE

    RV College of Engineering is the top most engineering institution in the state of Karnataka, India. It was also the venue for the very first KDE India Conference. My first visit to RVCE was on the first day of the conference – where I was co-delivering a talk on Qt programming essentials along with my…

  • GCF Training @ Nanterre, Paris – November 2010

    I just came back from Paris last week after finishing a 4 day training on GCF for a group of 7 developers in a company there. I had a fun time with the team of 7 – it was very interesting to note the interest and enthusiasm with which they took the training.

  • Werner Erhard on ‘Mastery in Life’

    THE ‘Werner Erhard’ descended upon 1000+ people at the Yogi Sabhagruh auditorium (behind Swamy Narayan Temple, Dadar-E) in Mumbai yesterday at 7 PM. Every one of the attendees there were either ‘est’ or ‘Landmark Forum’ graduates. I was able to spot one Landmark Forum leader: Ms. Arunaraje and several seminar leaders including the famous actor…

  • FOSSCamp 2010 (An LCC Event in SJCE Mysore)

    LCC (or Linux Campus Club) is an organization that was started in 2004 under the department of Computer Science SJCE Mysore India, with a primary goal of fostering the use of free open source software among the students. For the last three years they have been hosting an annual event called FOSSCamp to accelerate the…

  • Jackie – Kannada Movie

    Last weekend I had gone out with my wife and cousins to watch this Kannada movie called “Jackie“. The movie is about a 8th standard drop-out called Jackie who goes about his life dreaming of making it big by not doing any hardwork. Life takes a twist for him when his adopted-sister(s) go(es) missing and…