Jackie – Kannada Movie

Last weekend I had gone out with my wife and cousins to watch this Kannada movie called “Jackie“.

Jackie Movie Poster (courtesy: Wikipedia)

The movie is about a 8th standard drop-out called Jackie who goes about his life dreaming of making it big by not doing any hardwork. Life takes a twist for him when his adopted-sister(s) go(es) missing and he lands up meeting Lakshmi while escaping from the Police who are after him in connection to a murder-case. Then as with most movies, all ends well. But the plot it not as interesting as the presentation itself. With one-liners that range from jokes to moral-advise and songs and picturisation to die for; this movie is a must watch for even non-Puneet fans. Suri (of Duniya fame) has a very unique way of telling stories. He manages to keep the audience interested till the very end! The songs of-course are awesome! Puneet and Rangayana Raghu steal the show. Bhavana Menon matches Puneet in dancing skill.

Do make it a point to watch the movie! You surely dont want to miss this one.

[Update: Some really good songs from the movie