Fruits, Veggies & Flowers around our home

Good Earth is a fantastically “green”. Every home here deeply cares about having lush vegetation around.

I dont know the names of most plants, veggies, fruits and flowers that grow around our house. But then, I have come to see how knowing their names is not necessary to enjoy their presence.

This one is grows right next to our house, in the common garden area. When these flowers drop, kids use them as ball for playing.


We started growing tomatoes in our rear garden. After ~3 months of watering them and caring for them, we have started to get harvest.


We are able to harvest ripe tomatoes couple of days in a week and use them in our dishes.


Navil Kosu (Knol Knol) is almost ready. Couple of weeks more.


Carrots are going to take a while, I think. But there are good indications that we will be able to harvest well.


Haruve Soppu is my personal favourite.


Basle Soppu is on the way.


Shortly, we will be able to harvest Papaya.


And in a couple of months, we should be able to harvest bananas also.


The front garden is beginning to show itself in all its beauty, thanks to the flowers blossoming.