How dare you? Because, obviously…

My carbon footprint is significant.

  • I have driven bikes/cars that run on petrol for ~24 years now.
  • I use flights almost 6-10 times a year.
  • I have bought clothes knowing that they come covered in plastic.
  • I have bought products off the Internet knowing that they come covered in plastic.
  • I have bought parcelled food from hotels many many times. Until very recently they would parcel in plastic containers, covers etc. I could have taken my own metal boxes or reused old plastic ones, but I never did that.
  • I have used plastic covers, bags, boxes all my life.
  • I have washed my clothes & vehicles using soap many many times and allowed the polluted water to join rivers.
  • I use enough and more electricity, much of which is generated by burning coal.
  • I have purchased too many things in my life and thrown them away. I am sure they are in a dump somewhere.
  • I have wholeheartedly supported the IT revolution by adopting many many technologies for personal use, thereby supporting all of the pollution their manufacturing causes.
  • I have wholeheartedly supported rampant construction. Not that I have bought houses as such. But have shown enough interest to become part of a massive market that’s driving demand for construction.

I could go on and on and on.

The thing is, I will likely continue many of the above in the future.

But that won’t stop me from applauding and lending my support for someone who says “How dare you?” In fact, I love being blissfully mindless of my hypocrisy. Because you see; in the recent past I have adopted one or two practices that are “green”. Obviously, I have done my bit. So, HOW DARE YOU?