Making of wooden beads & toys using Pattari in Channapatna

This April, a friend of ours (Srilakshmi) hosted a workshop at her home in Channapatna. We learned about what goes on behind the scenes when the famous wooden toys are made there. Mr. Ravindra, an artist and teacher who has been making toys in Channapatna for the last 30 years, offered to coach us on the art. This video is a short documentary of what we learned and accomplished on that day.

Making technology training experiential

Since 2003, I have been conducting corporate training programs on various subjects like Qt, OpenGL, VTK, GCF. At one point I was even teaching Linux Kernel and Device Driver Programming, thanks to my employment at Linux Learning Centre.

Over the past 13 years, I have been able to observe certain meta-data about the training that I personally offer and also the training that I have attended as a participant.

Topics on which I offer training

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Progress with Vipassana

Since completing my Vipassana course in Jan this year, I have been trying to scrape time to practise atleast once a day, if not two (like they suggest). The idea is to find a place at home and practise Vipassana for a period of 1 hour, twice a day (morning & evening). I have been mostly regular with the formal practise. In addition to that, I meditate during my bus journeys, long drives, traffic signal pauses (which can be 5 min + in Bangalore). Something inspired me to go on runs, three times a week, and practise meditation during the run also. Continue reading “Progress with Vipassana”

Vipassana – Getting in touch with reality as-it-is

It has now been almost a month since I finished my Vipassana course. I still feel the magic! So I thought that it is apt to write about my experience now – since it has not faded away.

There are a ton of blogs out on the Internet that give a fairly accurate day-by-day account of the Vipassana course. So I wont go into it. I __do__ however, want to give a quick overview of the course content.

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School timetable – does it really work?

Almost every school I have seen in my life so far follows a “simple” timetable structure for its activities.

  1. Each day is divided into 8 “classes”, so 40 classes a week.
  2. Each “class” focusses on one subject and lasts for some 40 minutes.
  3. Almost immediately after one class, the next would begin. Unless there is a snack / lunch break coming up.

Students are required to generate interest for the subject being taught in the current class within minutes of its starting. They should pay total attention to whatever the teacher is teaching. 40 minutes later, they should learn to switch off their mind from the current subject and generate interest about the new subject. If they don’t manage to do that, the child  is labelled as someone having an “attention deficit disorder”. If not such a brutal tag, the child is atleast subjected to a interpretation – “this kiddo lacks focus or concentration”.

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