From Nandini’s travel diary

My wife Nandini and Advay (our 8yo) had been to Mysore recently along with her Tripster Buddies. There were many moments in the whole trip, but one moment clearly stood out. The following is a note from her travel diary.

Today, we went for the light and sound show at the palace. Just before we got to the palace we noticed an old man selling hand made musical instrument. He was playing so well that all the kids stood and enjoyed his music. Advay was immersed in the music.

Few mothers came and told me, “He is liking it very much, why don’t you buy one for him?” I thought, let him ask, then I will buy. He didn’t say a word.

When we bought tickets for the show, he just came along with us. After the one hour show, when we came out, that old man was still playing the music instrument. He went and stood there for few seconds and came to me.

Me: “What?”
Advay: “Nothing..”
Me: “Tell na…”
Advay: “Nothing”
Me: “Tell me. Something is there on your mind.”
Advay: “Hmm.. actually.. hmm.. I want to give that old man some money. He is playing that instrument so well.”
Me: “Do you want to buy that instrument?”
Advay: “No, I don’t want to buy. But I want to give money just like that.”

Usually kids pester moms to buy toys. I was totally totally moved by Advay’s thinking. I think, I almost got tears in my eyes.

Me: “He might not accept money just like that”
Advay: “Let me try..”
Me: “Ok.”
Advay: “Amma, can I give ₹100 to him? He plays it so well.”

I said ok and gave him money. He went to that old man and gave with his two hands and said, “Uncle, you play that instrument so well. I liked it very much.

That old man did namaskara (hand gesture) to Advay and namaskara to the money..

Advay came to me and happily said “Amma, he took money! But I don’t understand why he did namaskara to the money!”