Seeing, not with eyes. Hearing, not with ears.

Eyes are not the only ones seeing, ears are not the only ones hearing.

Vision is a sensation, but it is not always something that happens in the eyes. 

Hearing is a sensation, but it is not always something that happens in the ears. 

Pain is a sensation, but it is not always something that happens on the body.

Stable Diffusion Prompt (sai-fantasy art): "A male person, meditating is experiencing Seeing, not with eyes; and Hearing, not with ears."

While working-out at the gym, I can “hear” my muscle twitch. It doesn’t mean that I heard that with my ears. It’s that the twitch sensation has a sound-like quality to it. 

Sometimes, I can see with my eyes closed. That doesn’t mean that my eyes are actually seeing something. It means that there is vision-like sensation that is not arising from the eyes. It could also mean that certain sensations have a vision-like quality to them. For instance, while driving a car if something hits the bottom of the car, we get a visual sensation of the whole collision. Or, for instance during deep meditation whenever the gong goes off, I can “see” a bright mandala pattern showing up visually behind the closed eye lids (even during the night when there is no sun or tube light around).

Same is the case with pain. When someone scratches a rusted metal piece on green board, it makes a sound. But that sound creates a sensation of pain and tear within the body.

They are all just sensations.
They don’t always have to arise from specific organs. That also doesn’t mean that we don’t need to those organs either.

They are all just sensations. 
They don’t always have a logical explanation for their arising and passing. Some have a reason. Some show up for no reason.

Nevertheless, they all always arise ….
…. and pass away.







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