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  • Carpentry season

    Advay, my 8 year old, has developed a liking for carpentry off late. His first tryst with carpentry was two years ago when he was frequently visiting Aarohi. Since then he would take up carpentry projects every once a while. One of my close friends, Murali Krishna, has recently renovated his house and dedicated half…

  • Pulling ideas and experiences together to make something new

    This is a story of how Advay (my 7 year old) pulled together random experiences from scrubbing coconut shells, to dismantling an old washing machine, to discovering a motor to making an electric coconut scrubber.

  • Advay learns to flute

    Our family has a lot of music enthusiasts. My sister-in-law (my older brother’s wife) is a trained vocal artist. Their oldest son (Avyay) has taken training in Mrudanga and Advay has sat around him during his practice sessions several times. My cousin brother, Sujith, plays the Guitar. Another one of my cousins, Suhas, plays drums.

  • Elephant as bell for the cycle

    Elephant as bell for the cycle

    Jagriti has been an interesting journey so far. Inspiring, eye-opening; but most of all confusing. On the ground, it is opening new kinds of interactions with my son. Couple of weeks ago, we had a session on creativity. Post that session, I started to pull my-creative side in my conversations with Advay. Here I share…

  • What is man made and what is naturally available?

    My wife (Nandini) and son (Advay) had a unique conversation today. Advay: Amma, is wood made of cloth? Nandini: No Advay: Is floor made of cloth? Nandini: No Advay: Are plants made of cloth? Nandini: No

  • Rock Climbing Session @ Aarohi

    My friend, Kowshik Narayanaswamy is a rock climber. A passionate one at that. He came to Aarohi Life Education and conducted a session on Rock Climbing for all of us (including the kids). We learned something about it and also did some rock climbing ourselves. The video below is a documentary on what we learned and the…

  • Number and alphabet games

    My wife (Nandini) keeps coming up with ideas for creating learning environments for Advay. She sources her material from direct observation of Advay, coupled with study of books and blogs about child education. She recently was playing this game with Advay and it was very interesting to watch.

  • My son’s new life at Aarohi Life Education

    My son’s new life at Aarohi Life Education

    In the month of June this year, we embarked on a new journey of schooling for our son (Advay) & ourselves. We got him into Aarohi Life Education, an open-schooling campus near Hosur.

  • Making of wooden beads & toys using Pattari in Channapatna

    Making of wooden beads & toys using Pattari in Channapatna

    This April, a friend of ours (Srilakshmi) hosted a workshop at her home in Channapatna. We learned about what goes on behind the scenes when the famous wooden toys are made there. Mr. Ravindra, an artist and teacher who has been making toys in Channapatna for the last 30 years, offered to coach us on…