Akademy 2008 schedule is out.

Akademy 2008 Conference Program: http://akademy.kde.org/conference/program.php

My talk is on the second day :-). I am marking talks that I am very interested in attending. So far I have marked the following talks:

  1. KDE Community websites: The past, the present and a vision for the future
  2. KDE And Asia – The Divide : Technical or/and Cultural: This is very interesting. The title and outline is very interesting..
  3. Future of the KDE Development Model
  4. Plasma Frenzy
  5. Deepening KDE and Qt collaboration
  6. Amarok 2 – Embracing the Future of Music
  7. Marble
  8. QtWebKit
  9. How Graphics View Works
  10. Gallium3D – Graphics Done Right
  11. OpenDocument support in KWord 2

Apart from this, there is of-course the excitement of meeting the KDE devs.. Marble, Amarok and the KParts devs are ones that I absolutely want to meet. The excitement is beginning to build up πŸ™‚

Am now engaged :)

I am now officially engaged to Nandini.

She is an MCA from JNNCE, the same college that I graduated from. Currently she is working for SAP Labs. Yeah she is a developer too πŸ™‚

After a long weekend of celebrations and meeting the folks, am now back to work.

Akademy travel preperations, GCF, engagement, marriage etc…

Preperations for Akademy 2008 is going good.. My presentation is more or less ready.. I am practicing to make sure that the talk+demo takes just about 25 minutes of time. Am trying to learn as much as possible about KParts to ensure that I can take questions on GCF/KParts comparison. I just received an email from Claudia that my travel would be sponsored. Yay!!!.

Work wise, we have just entered an agreement with KDAB. They are going to be the official and exclusive resale, marketing and technology partners for GCF. From August onwards a commercial version of GCF called KDCF will be sold exclusively by KDAB throughout the world. All support and business will be routed through them. We are excited about this partnership with KDAB. It gives us a good platform to learn from one of the best in the field; and also make good money doing that πŸ™‚

My personal life is getting super-good this year. I am going to get hitched soon πŸ™‚ :). The engagement would be this Friday (27th of June) and the wedding would be on the 6th of November. More about this and my “better half” in my next blog.

Its been one good news after another for the past few weeks.. lot of reasons to be happy of late πŸ™‚

Table Tennis

Since we had a good financial time this year (Q1 revenue of this year is equal to the revenue of the whole of last year), we treated ourselves with a nice entertainment setup. We bought “Table Tennis”.

Shown below are some pics of us playing TT

For fun, we also have a rule. The loser will have to accept a bet (or dare) thrown by the winner. Since Vasudha has lost almost every game she has played ;-), she had to take up a dare. We asked her to wear her husband’s shirt for work one day and she sportively did it πŸ™‚

Vasu, you rock babe πŸ™‚

I had lost a game once, she made me have just fruits and vegetables for a whole day. I almost fell sick and flushed that day :(. Her next dare is to practice one of Seinfeld’s standup act and present it at work :)… Its always nice when we have a fun office πŸ™‚

Akademy 2008 accepted my talk on GCF

I am super thrilled about Cornelius’s email to me today. My talk on “Generic Component Framework – A Qt based component framework” has been accepted. I am off to Belgium between August 9 and 15 for this πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, we are in the process of finishing up a really interesting and profitable deal. I am going to blog about it once the paperwork is complete. GCF is giving us a lot of reasons to smile these days πŸ™‚

13 Commercial Licenses sold this month :)

May 2008 has been an exciting month for us. We have now packaged GCF as a commercial product that can be bought, just like Qt, and used within commercial software. This month we have sold 13 licenses. 3 of them within India and 10 to a company inthe UK.

So far we were selling GCF licenses along with our consulting services. As in, if we are contracted by a company to do some product development for them; then we offer GCF along with the service free of cost. That way we had “sold” 8 licenses before. But this is the first instance where we have sold GCF as an independent product.

At present we are positioning 5 more GCF licenses for another customer within India. Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Am very thrilled about this experience. We are now both a product and services company πŸ™‚