Table Tennis

Since we had a good financial time this year (Q1 revenue of this year is equal to the revenue of the whole of last year), we treated ourselves with a nice entertainment setup. We bought “Table Tennis”.

Shown below are some pics of us playing TT

For fun, we also have a rule. The loser will have to accept a bet (or dare) thrown by the winner. Since Vasudha has lost almost every game she has played ;-), she had to take up a dare. We asked her to wear her husband’s shirt for work one day and she sportively did it 🙂

Vasu, you rock babe 🙂

I had lost a game once, she made me have just fruits and vegetables for a whole day. I almost fell sick and flushed that day :(. Her next dare is to practice one of Seinfeld’s standup act and present it at work :)… Its always nice when we have a fun office 🙂

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