13 Commercial Licenses sold this month :)

May 2008 has been an exciting month for us. We have now packaged GCF as a commercial product that can be bought, just like Qt, and used within commercial software. This month we have sold 13 licenses. 3 of them within India and 10 to a company inthe UK.

So far we were selling GCF licenses along with our consulting services. As in, if we are contracted by a company to do some product development for them; then we offer GCF along with the service free of cost. That way we had “sold” 8 licenses before. But this is the first instance where we have sold GCF as an independent product.

At present we are positioning 5 more GCF licenses for another customer within India. Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Am very thrilled about this experience. We are now both a product and services company 🙂