Akademy 2008 schedule is out.

Akademy 2008 Conference Program:

My talk is on the second day :-). I am marking talks that I am very interested in attending. So far I have marked the following talks:

  1. KDE Community websites: The past, the present and a vision for the future
  2. KDE And Asia – The Divide : Technical or/and Cultural: This is very interesting. The title and outline is very interesting..
  3. Future of the KDE Development Model
  4. Plasma Frenzy
  5. Deepening KDE and Qt collaboration
  6. Amarok 2 – Embracing the Future of Music
  7. Marble
  8. QtWebKit
  9. How Graphics View Works
  10. Gallium3D – Graphics Done Right
  11. OpenDocument support in KWord 2

Apart from this, there is of-course the excitement of meeting the KDE devs.. Marble, Amarok and the KParts devs are ones that I absolutely want to meet. The excitement is beginning to build up 🙂