Waves of Sensations

When one sits by the beach and watches waves in the ocean, it becomes clear that waves arise, do their thing and pass away. No wave stays put. Once arisen, they move, and ultimately pass away. Each wave is made of the same water as every other wave. No new water is created, or destroyed.

Stable Diffusion Prompt (sai-cinematic): "beach, waves arising and passing away"

While we could get technical about the creation of the wave itself and pin point the exact reason for creation of each wave, ultimately its of no use. I mean what will one do with the reasons for creation of the wave? Knowing the reason doesn’t stop the wave-creation. They get created and dissolve nevertheless. What’s more useful to know is that no wave is permanent. And even while a wave lasts, it doesn’t stay put. It arises and passes away. Everything is always changing. Nothing ever stays put. It makes no sense to come up with complex technology to hold on to a wave, because ultimately holding on to a wave is like holding on to a photo of the wave, at which point the real wave doesn’t exist. Holding on to the photo also has this addition issue of keeping us away from all the other waves that are out there right now.

Sensations are exactly like that. They arise and pass away. I can’t hold on to a sensation, nor can I get rid of a sensation before its time. It’s seems insane to conjure the idea that a bunch of such sensation-waves are “me” or “mine”. It’s a lot of effort to keep alive the “lie” that a bunch of waves is “me”, or “mine”. While this sounds insane, I seem to have been mastering this insanity for a long long time now.

Stable Diffusion Prompt (sai-3d-model): "a male person sitting with closed eyes, meditating, experiencing body sensations as waves"

There is no me. There is just a bunch of sensations. They arise and pass away.

When I was a baby, I would simply watch these sensations arise and pass away, without a care in the world about the reasons for their rising and passing away. Some sensations were in the body, some were images and some were sound. It wouldn’t matter if these image-sensations or sound-sensations or body-sensations occurred because of something in the world out there or because of something in the “mind”, or because of any other reason. They were all the same. They would arise and pass away. It was BLISS!

I want to be a baby again, at least for a few hours each day!







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