VTK Designer in the next VTK Textbook

Feels good to know that after two years of work invested on VTK Designer,
Will Schroeder of Kitware/VTK fame wrote an email requestion permission
to print a full-color image of VTK Designer in the next official VTK Textbook;
and ofcourse a acknowledgement mentioning our company and website name.

This is quite a feeling. I learn VTK from the VTK Textbook from the month
of March 2004; and start working on VTK Designer from May 2004. A little
more than two years later VTK Designer finds a small place in the text
book from which I learned about VTK. Thats quite a good encouragement; and
adds more fuel to me to do more work on VTK Designer.



may make it to the final textbook.