VTK Designer has no menu-strip

This week we removed all traces of Menu Strip (which was never ribbon) from the GCF code. VTK Designer now has no menu-strip as well. We did however reuse the ActionContainer stuff to make the pull-down menus look a little bit different.

Over the next few weeks we need to cleanup the new menu system and make it better looking.

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Re: Why?

But… It says that you are removing it because it’s confused with ribbon. But what’s the problem with this? I mean, are you fearing a legal dispute with Microsoft or something?


Re: Why?

Yes. Thats the main reason. The menu-strip is actually just a tall scrollable toolbar, with groups. The ribbon is a more complex component with tabs and context sensitive actions, and is tall. The only thing common between the two was that both were tall and both were placed along the top-edge of the window. But over the past few months we received a lot of advice from well meaning people that the menu-strip is best removed until Microsoft is either granted or prohibited the patent for its ribbon.

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