VTK Designer has better DICOM imaging support

We have been working on improving medical imaging support in VTK Designer for quite sometime. However, due to heavy workload in other products and projects; this one took a back seat. Up-until now users could select DICOM image set and do a surface render.

But now; over and above this we also support something called “Axial, Coronal and Sagittal plane views”. When DICOM images are loaded in this view, you will get…

The DICOM data-file loader in VTK Designer automatically creates the required pipeline, script and configuration form; and embeds it into the right panel. In that form users can view details about the patient and also extract different axial, coronal and sagittal planes by dragging the sliderbars and clicking “Refresh”.

We are also working on supporting volume rendering of medical images in VTK Designer.

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very cool

so what company is yours ?
you supply the whole PACS system or just the imaging front end ?


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