Possibility of IT Returns!

For the very first time in my life work-life have I noticed someone in my circle actually getting IT returns. I am infact supposed to get some money back from the IT department myself, however I had (until-now) given up hope on actually receiving the returns. Even after repeated follow-ups, I have until now never received returns. I have come to understand one rule about our IT department – “If I dont pay taxes on time, I will get punished. But if the IT department doesnt return on time, there is no penalty for them.” Actually going by the rule book they are supposed to pay 18% interest, but that happens only if they ever pay. How can a 18% interest be paid on nothing????

Anyways, atleast now I know of an actual person at work my office who has received IT returns. So congratulations to him.






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    Ignited mind of a manager

    They would have thought that this guy has stopped working…and this must be like a small encouragement to resume working 😛