Finally a complete development environment !!!!

After over six months of saving, planning, negotiating and what not; I now have
a complete development system. A 64 bit AMD Athlon PC with 1GB RAM, 512 MB NVIDIA
6800 GS Card with 512 MB Video RAM, 120 GB HDD, 19 inch Monitor with a legal copy
of Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition, Qt Version 4.2.1
and Version 3.3.7 for VS2005. Back in college I had never thought that I would
buy all these things. The hardware and software has cost me a fortune; but it has
all been completely worth it. Well actually all this hardware and software belongs
to my company that I co-founded; but then I get to use it like all the time. So
that personal belongingness is there. 🙂 I thoroughly appreciate and thank my
friend Manish’s help and support during all this time.

Just a bit more of hardware to buy before Manish and I sit down and put our brains
together on a research area we have been eying on for quite some time now. We have
a lot to study and we are absolutely looking forward to get started.

My talk on VTK Designer has been accepted at FOSS.IN 2006. This is my first talk in
a FOSS event; although it would be the 5th time I would be presenting about
VTK Designer. But then FOSS is a different place all together. I applied for a talk
slot very late last year; and was obviously rejected. I waited with excitement and
patience for a year, and I guess I was the first person to apply for a talk slot
this year. And FOSS.IN is giving me an opportunity to present my OSS software and
ideas 🙂 I am preparing to not disappoint the audience, and hope they wont be, with
my talk.