Downloading Qt SDKs..

With every new release, the size of Qt SDK is increasing. Given the slow and often unreliable BSNL Internet connection @ work (and home), it is not a good idea to download new releases using a browser or an FTP client. Recently we bought a Mac at work and I have been trying hard for the past few days to download the 440 MB Qt/Mac SDK. Everytime I download like 100 MB or so, the net connection goes down and I have to restart the download from scratch.

Girish (ex-Troll) told me that I could use wget to download as much as possible in the first try and then use –continue option to continue the download from where it stopped. This suggestion has turned out to be very useful. I am blogging about this because this tip might help other people too..

If you want to download the huge Qt/Mac package for example you can..


If the connection breaks down in the middle, you can continue the download by

wget –continue

Update: Finally after 5 hours, the Qt/Mac SDK was fully downloaded on to my notebook 🙂

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Wish trolls make a torrent 😉

How much feasible or beneficial it will be to have Qt SDK’s on torrent ???

I go as far and ALWAYS use wget -c for a download. Then I have to think about nothing and it just works:)

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