Designing Forms within VTK Designer

In VTK Designer 2, one can design custom forms in QtDesigner and import it into VTK Designer. They can then script the form and customize the UI and functionality.

But what if you dont have QtDesigner? You might say, since Qt is open source you can download a copy of it and use it. But there are some license restrictions on using QtDesigner within another software because the designer is not a part of the run time that Trolltech gives out royalty free. So we are toying with the idea of writing our own designer.

After the initial work, I realized

a) Writing a form designer as good as QtDesigner is challenging and takes a lot of time (although writing a rough prototype took only about 6-8 hours time).
b) Is probably not worth the effort, because form designer is not a core task of “VTK Designer” itself. We must be working more on the other aspects of the software.

So, unless there is a concrete demand on a “Form Designer” plugin; I think there is no need to continue working on the “Form Designer” plugin.

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