What is “correct spelling”?

Advay (my 7 year old) has developed a fascination for the written form this year. It started with the need to read his favourite story books and then with the need to capture his expression in words.

He was doing a good job expressing his ideas & thoughts through drawings. For instance: after he came back from a trek that he went with his mother, he spent some time capturing what he saw on the trek by drawing it on paper.

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Advay’s visit to “Open Day at IISc”

Nandini recently found out about “Open Day at IISc”. She was excited to go with Advay (my 7 year old) for that event. On Saturday they both got on the Metro and reached the IISc campus.

Through the journey, Nandini explained to Advay what Open Day was and the opportunity that would be available to him. That he would get to see a lot of “science-stuff” and it would all be very interesting. Advay was very keen to check it out.

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Stay “grounded”

Am reading a book called “Earthing” recommended by a friend. Its available for download from here.


The book encourages you to literally be in touch with the earth / ground beneath your feet. Perhaps keeping your feet grounded in the cities may not do the trick, but a walk (bare feet) in the park might help. Check out the book sometime.

SuccEss – My definition!

Success is

“Having the true freedom from self-created or self-imposed constraints and being able to make any choice, and express oneself fully”