BI-BOX … A creative product

BiBox is a product from a startup-company, founded by one of my friends from JNNCE Shimoga. It targets the education sector, which in my opinion is a very huge market. It allows kids to visually design electronic gadgets and bring them to life. Youcan visually create things like moving trucks, bulb-array displays etc.. The killer feature of the product is that a “kid” can logically program a toy and watch it come to life. Sandeep Senan’s (cofounder of EvoBi that makes BIBOX) thinking is that inspired kids think better, perform better and produce better results. I must agree with him on that.

I was aware of Sandeep’s work on BiBox for quite sometime now. But I sure did not know all about it. This video shows whats now available and what they have done with their product so far:

Hearty congratulations to Sandeep for bringing the product out. I wish the product all the commercial success!