VTK Designer 2.0 Videos

I uploaded some “VTK Designer 2” videos to Google Videos today. I have aggregated them in this blog entry. I am quite happy about the way VTK Designer 2 has turned out. Hopefully the users will like it better and adopt it more when we release it in October 2007. (Fingers Crossed)

[Clicking on the images below will take you to the corresponding Google Videos page]

This video shows how VTK Designer 2 can be used to construct a simple cone source visualization pipeline. It also shows how VTK Designer’s scripting capabilities can be made use of to animate the visualization.

This video shows how VTK Designer 2 can be used to visualization terrain images.

This video builds upon “VTK Designer 2 : Simple Terrain Visualization”. It starts from where the previous video left off. It shows how you can include more user interface into VTK Designer and script the new user interfaces in VTK Designer.

[Note: I wanted to show color mapping in this example, but was not able include it in the video. I hope to show it in another video sometime soon]

This video shows a preview of the Generic Component Framework used in VTK Designer. In this video developers can get a feel of what the new VTK Designer has to offer in terms of software infrastructur aka framework. We hope to bring more such videos to you in the near future and show case more technology frameworks that VTK Designer 2 would bring to life.