VTK Designer 1.0.5

Five months of development effort and about 70,000 lines of code and over 200 pages of
design and user documentation later; VTK Designer 1.0.5 Beta is finally out today. In-fact
it is getting out as I type this journal.

For about one or two weeks now I have been getting remainder emails from people interested
in getting their hands on the new version. I could have asked for no better appreciation,
than an audience waiting for the next release. Even before the beta was out people have
sent me emails about how they want to support VTK Designer development; what areas they
would like to contribute and so on.

I like user feedback. Infact the 1.0.5 Beta is a testament of that. Most features in this
version are driven by user requests. WCMaker a 10000 LOC + tool is entirely a user driven
request. I think the Beta is quite good. It is not bug-free, and certainly not flawless
in design; but it surely is a giant step ahead of its predecessor. 17% of upload left; and
I am going to be celebrating the release.

It is close to 3 AM in the morning now; and I have to leave my house and go to Mysore
in another three hours. Every bone in my back is giving up in pain; but I have never
been more charged and energetic in my life. Whether 1.0.5 makes it big or not; I am still
satisfied for the effort and ride it has given me.