Moving to CMake

Over the past few weeks we have been playing around with CMake and we figured that it would be a good idea to have GCF build-able using CMake. There are a few open-source projects that make use of GCF with CMake anyway; we figured it would be a good idea to have a CMake build-system GCF supported officially.

We have begun the process of making GCF build-able with CMake. Currently we are able to build the GCF library and all its built-in components. We are slowly moving examples and tools also into it. The idea is to have GCF compilable using both QMake and CMake for as long as possible. In the coming months we should also have the GCF-QtCreator plugin and CreateAppTemplateWizard supporting CMake based GCF projects.

Once all this is done, we will then be moving VTK Designer 2 away from QMake build system and totally into a CMake based one. This move coupled with the use of CPack should help us in fast generation of VTK Designer 2 installers.