Last day at Berlin

It is 11 PM right now, I am sitting in the lounge of my hotel “MotelONE”. Tomorrow morning at 7 I am catching a flight back to Bangalore. The last two weeks have been very eventful, which is perhaps the reason why it seems like 4 weeks to me. Lot of action, lots of food, saw one too many colored hair styles. Berlin is a vibrant city, colorful and lets-face-it; expensive city. There are just so many types of people here, that almost anyone will feel right at home. I have enjoyed my stay here (and in Belgium) and sure hope to come back and visit this place again.

It was great meeting Till Adam, Mirko Boehm, Thomas, Mark, Andreas, Frank and all of KDAB. Till stays very near to the hotel where I was put up, so we did get a chance to catch up once in a while, have some beers and see the city.

I am looking forward to get back to Bangalore and revisit the local idli-vada SLVs.