GCF – Qt Creator Integration

Over the past few weeks we have been researching on Qt Creator, its architecture and plugin model. In a previous blog my colleague JK has written about a document that we wrote on Qt Creator plugins. This week (ie yesterday) we started working on a plugin for Qt Creator called GCFSupport. The idea behind the plugin is to make GCF programming in Qt Creator really really really simple. The progress has been good so far..

You can now click on “File -> New” (Note: the GCFSupport plugin code is still not made available on the public SVN, but it will be very soon)

and notice that the “New..” project dialog box shows an option for creating a GCF application.

Upon selecting “GCF Application”, you will see the CreateAppTemplateWizard in Qt Creator.


After generating the code and clicking “Finish”, you will notice that Qt Creator loads the newly created GCF application project.

The GCFSupport plugin automatically detects whether an Qt 4 project is a GCF project or not. If yes, then it automatically inserts PROJECT_BASE and GCF_BASE variables into the QMake build step.

Because of this, the user will be able to build and run GCF applications directly from Qt Creator. The goals for the GCFSupport plugin goes beyond just creating and compiling GCF applications. Will blog more aboutit as we make progress.