GCF 2.2 Released

GCF 2.2 is now released. The 2.2 release is an effort of 8 months, hope you like it.

Key Highlights

  • Software Updater Framework – GCF now includes a software updater framework that can be activated to have your applications automatically download and install updates. GCF provides tools for you to create updates that you can host on a serer site of your choice and have your applications download and install them!
  • Logger Module – GCF now provides a logger module that helps log messages from your programs.
  • CreateAppTemplateWizard replaces the old CreateAppTemplate tool. The new application generation wizard generates better code and helps configure more aspects of your application.

New Classes and Methods

  • GCF::AbstractFileDownloader and subclasses help in downloading files from local, http and ftp servers with ease.
  • GCF::ObjectIterator – This class helps in iterating through all exposed objects in a GCF application.
  • GCF::findObject<>() and GCF::findObjects<>() – These methods now make it easy to look for objects in GCF. Moreover developers can now search for objects from any class, not just from subclasses of GCF::AbstractComponent
  • GCF::connect() and GCF::disconnect() help make it easy for developers to make signal/slot connections between local and remote objects.

The above are in addition to the extended documentation and bug fixes. For a complete log of changes please read the changelog.

How to get the new version?

Just visit and click on “Download GCF 2.2”. Once you download the ZIP file, unpack it and read the CompileHOWTO.txt file to figure out how to compile GCF on your system.

  • The cross-referenced documentation are available within doc/html.
  • You can add doc/help/GCFHelp.qch into Qt Assistant and refer to the documentation within assistant.
  • You can also read the new and updated manual contained within doc/Manual.