FOSS.IN and the change in focus..

FOSS.IN 2008 was about changed focus “show me the code”. I was at the opening ceremony today, I got to say that Atul was very clear about what to get from this edition of the event. But to be honest, his speech could have been more planned and powerful. It lacked the punch. While the intent was good, the communication wasn’t.

I have been going to FOSS.IN since its 2006 edition. Each year I notice that most talks are about “what is FOSS and how it is useful and how can one help?”. Having heard various talks on the same topic for over two years; it has now become boring. I think conference talks should be of the kind where the “talk” should be more exciting, fun and interesting than the “PDF of the talk”. I noticed that in the Akademy talks. One had to be there to enjoy the talks; the PDF of the talk isnt as exciting as the talk itself.

The KDE Project Of The Day and related workouts are on the 27th and 28th (I think). Lot of KDE folks at the event today. It is nice to notice that there has been a sharp increase in the number of KDE SOC candidates and wannabes.