Changes in GCF structure and hosting

As in mentioned in my talk on GCF at Akademy, KDAB is going to be selling commercial variants of GCF as KDCF. I am right now at KDAB’s office and we are gearing up for making that GCF/KDCF marriage happen.

Towards that, GCF is going to face quite a few changes. Some of these changes are for practical code management purposes and some of them are for branding and commercialization purposes. While we make those changes happen; I just want to let all the users of GCF know that we have stopped working within the repository. We are moving into a new repository. The new repository and the changes will be outined in my next blog, hopefully within the next one week.

The good news is that GCF will now receive commits from even more developers than before. David Faure, Mirko Boehm, Till Adam and Thomas Monicke would be contributing to GCF. Mirko and David have already made minor commits. Better days for GCF are in the offing 🙂