Audio Visualization in VTK Designer.

For the past one year or so, we did a project for IIT Bombay’s EE department. They will shortly release announcements about the same.

During my visits to IIT Bombay, I met a lot of wonderful people. Prof. Patil and Prof. Chandorkar of EE Department, Prof. Prabhu Ramachandran of Aerospace Dept, Sachin Pant MTech student and Raju Hirani (yes the director of the super-popular Munnabhai series).

Sachin wanted to use VTK Designer’s UI framework to host some audio visualization algorithms. Towards this we had a long discussion in my guest house room the last time I was there, and I explained to him GCF, VisSystemCanvas, MainWindow and PropertyEditor components. After our discussion, Sachin did a lot of work and today he sent me a neat screenshot-set of the results.

For me, it is interesting and exciting to know this kind of a use-case for VTK Designer. And everytime I see such screenshots and/or get emails from VTK Designer 2 users, I am so glad that it is open source and that people are finding interesting ways to use it.