Document on Writing plugins for Qt Creator

The next version (2.3) of GCF should (ideally) have a plugin for Qt Creator that will make creation and maintenance of GCF applications with Qt Creator easy. We started our progress towards that end by studying Qt Creator and understanding how plugins for it can be written. The result of that effort is a small document that explains a Qt Creator newbie how to write plugins. The document is a work in progress, but I am sure that it will be a useful starting point for Qt Creator plugin developers. Have a look at if for yourself, we would love to hear feedback from you.

URL: Click on the “Other Downloads” tab.

5th September Update: Added a chapter on providing editors for new file types in Qt Creator
11th September Update: Added a section (2.6) on building plugins located outside Qt Creator source. [Thanks to Eike Ziller for helping with this one]