Taray releases 7Circuits, signs an OEM deal with Cadence

Taray Technologies India, a EDA solutions products and solutions provider in India has released its 7Circuits product. The product’s development began in early 2006 and reached 1.0 stage sometime last year. Over the last year or so Taray’s team of engineers fine-tuned their 7Circuits product, customized it and integrated it with several toolchains. The latest development is that they have signed an OEM deal with Cadence. Read more about it here: http://www.cadence.com/rl/Resources/datasheets/pcb_fpga_ds.pdf

Why am I blogging about this?

Because our company worked as consultants and product development partners with Taray for the GUI aspects of 7Circuits. We did a lot of ground work for the GUI, established the highlevel framework and developed a lot of complex widgets for them. Taray’s current team comprises of a bunch of top notch Qt developers and EDA experts. Together they have mashed up a killer product. I am proud of our company’s association with Taray. 🙂

VTK Designer has no menu-strip

This week we removed all traces of Menu Strip (which was never ribbon) from the GCF code. VTK Designer now has no menu-strip as well. We did however reuse the ActionContainer stuff to make the pull-down menus look a little bit different.

Over the next few weeks we need to cleanup the new menu system and make it better looking.

SequelGUI Workshop at NIT Trichy

Prof. M. B. Patil of IIT Bombay has been conducting workshops on SequelGUI at several engineering colleges and universities over the past few months. SequelGUI is a product that we developed for IIT Bombay using GCF. It is basically a visualization front-end for their Sequel circuit solver. More info can be found here.

Its exciting to see that university students across India, for their semester course, will be using a piece of software built on top of GCF and developed by us 🙂