C++ Internals Course

I am right now in the last half of the last day of a course on C++ Internals conducted by Collosal Learning’s Mubarak.

The workshop is really interesting; a must attend for anyone interested in becoming a really good C++ developer. The “internals” knowledge of C++ is something you would gather if you have worked on C++ for a long time. Attending this course will help you to assembly your learning better and also pick up some new tricks. Apparently they will have another session in May 2009. If you are even remotely interested in making your C++ skills razor sharp; you must attend this course. At 8000 bucks for 2 days, this one is complete value for money.

FOSS.IN and the change in focus..

FOSS.IN 2008 was about changed focus “show me the code”. I was at the opening ceremony today, I got to say that Atul was very clear about what to get from this edition of the event. But to be honest, his speech could have been more planned and powerful. It lacked the punch. While the intent was good, the communication wasn’t.

I have been going to FOSS.IN since its 2006 edition. Each year I notice that most talks are about “what is FOSS and how it is useful and how can one help?”. Having heard various talks on the same topic for over two years; it has now become boring. I think conference talks should be of the kind where the “talk” should be more exciting, fun and interesting than the “PDF of the talk”. I noticed that in the Akademy talks. One had to be there to enjoy the talks; the PDF of the talk isnt as exciting as the talk itself.

The KDE Project Of The Day and related workouts are on the 27th and 28th (I think). Lot of KDE folks at the event today. It is nice to notice that there has been a sharp increase in the number of KDE SOC candidates and wannabes.

Back to work….

The last three weeks were very interesting. The whole wedding, reception, honeymoon and then getting back home and setting it up for post-marital life was both fun and exhausting. Overall I am happy with all the changes, it is a lot less scary than what I had thought it would be. Anyways, before moving ahead; here is a pic of the “couple”.

We had been to Wayanad in North Kerala for our honeymoon. We stayed at a place called “Vythiri Resort”. I got to tell you, Vythiri was awesome :-).

One needs to go on the Mysore-Calicut highway and take a cut into the jungle near the Vythiri village. About 4 kms into the jungle is the 150-acre resort.

After you get into the resort and sign up at the reception, you get into the main resort area by walking past the hanging bridge. Now this is awesome.

It has all the usual “resorty” elements like cottage homes


dining area, the food is super-delicious by-the-way.

Spa, indoor-games hall, basket ball, tennis court etc. They have designed the whole place very well. From each room one will get a feeling that their’s is the only room in the whole resort. Also the view from each room is great! Natural elements are preserved and kept intact in the resort. For example there is a (small) river flowing around the resort, which can be seen from each and every cottage. The flowing river sound is prevalant throughout the day. That makes the stay very relaxing.

The most interesting part of our stay at the resort was the “tree house”. It is, well, a house built on top of a tree.

I had never seen or been in a tree-house. I have to say that it is a cool concept. Although the house is on a tree (primitive), the inside looks quite polished. You have some basic lighting, better-than-usual bathrooms, a nice big bed, wonderful view of the forest.

It was a very nice place. Good time spent away from the usual city-life, very quite, very relaxing and a great way to start life with your partner. We had a great time.

I think one should go to this resort atleast once. The “Vythiri Team” (as they would like to call themselves) are trying to pitch the resort experience to corporates. They are transforming the place a bit here and there to attract companies and have them organize outings there. The resort actually has conference rooms!

Anyways, after coming back from the trip we had yet another pooja.

With that, Nandini and I officially became a married couple.

Now back to work. FOSS.IN is starting from tomorrow. I hope to be there atleast for Day #1.

KDCF (Commercial GCF) 1.0 is out

Over the past few months we have been working with KDAB, the world’s leading Qt company. During FOSS.IN 2007, I got a chance to meet Till Adam of KDAB. We discussed at length about GCF and how to go about productizing it. After that meet a lot of interesting things happened and after a lot of discussions, KDAB and our company decided to collaborate and give birth to a product called “KDCF – KD Components Framework”.

KDCF is basically the commercial variant of GCF. While we continue to give GCF under GNU/GPL and sell licenses to our customers that buy consulting services from us; KDAB will package and sell off-the-shelf commercial versions of GCF as KDCF.

Today KDAB made an official announcement of this: http://www.kdab.net/?page=products

What this means is that now both open-source and commercial users of GCF can have more faith on the product. The team behind GCF just got bigger by 45 people :-). The product is going to get better and better, and we will keep up with your feedback and suggestions.