Ariya has written a nice widget called PictureFlow which does what CoverFlow does on the Mac. Its really good and really small (lines-of-code wise).

Met the firstcontributor to VTK Designer :)

When VTK Designer 1 was first released, I had received an email communication from Aurelien, a developer from France. He had expressed interest in porting VTK Designer 1.x to Windows; and he had done it with some success. [See below, a screenshot of VTK Designer 1.0 on Windows XP].

The Windows version of VTK Designer 1.0 was released; mostly because Qt 3 for Windows was not available under GPL at that time. There were also some technical issues.

Anyways, Aurelien was in Bangalore about two weeks ago and we met at my office. Its really nice when you are able to associate a face to the name. And for me, it is even more exciting to meet the very first VTK Designer developer outside of VCreate Logic.

aKademy 2008

aKademy 2008 is going to be from 9 to 16 of August (2008 ofcourse). I really hope to make it this time.

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