I love my wife..

Whenever I attended someones marriage or heard someone talk about marriage, I always (over)heard people talk about marriage something like this – “After marriage, life goes down the hill. Sure life’s great for the first couple of months, but then it becomes too restrictive. Too much burden, too many responsibilities…” So naturally I started to […]

“I cant do xyz” – is a racket

I have often heard myself saying “I cant do this, I cant do that”. For example I cant stick to an exercise routine or diet I cant deal with government office officials I cant keep my wardrobe organized I cant manage to find the right people for my team I cant control my temper It […]

“The Problem is Choice” – Neo – The Matrix Reloaded

Yesterday evening we had a wonderful session on “Living Life at Choice”. I know the title seems to have obvious grammar mistakes, but when we get the meaning of “choice” it all makes sense. After yesterday’s session I realized that for all my life I have been only making decisions. To decide is to select […]