Equated Monthly Installments

About two weeks ago we bought a 40×60 site in Shimoga, right next to my father in law’s plot. The site is in a good location. We hope to construct our house in there in about 10 years time and move there in about 15 years time. One of the top thoughts in my wife’s and my head for the last 1.5 months has been “EMI!!!”. We go out for taking a loan and land up computing what would be the EMI we would be paying on a monthly basis. It is about that time I really figured out the math behind EMI computations. For my benefit and for the benefit of those looking to take loans, here is a calculator that helps you with EMI computations.

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One final word of advise: Take a look at the Extra amount paid field before finalizing on your decision to take loan.

Why is work = giving-presentations?

Have you noticed that almost any ad/movie about a guy or gal doing work has something to do with giving-presentations? And usually the presentation has a chart (line-graph going up or bar chart growing taller) and then everybody in the room listening to the presentation is wearing full 3 piece suit and shining glasses. Each one of these people have a few sheets of papers in front of them. They all have ball-pens; and they are thinking.. After sometime for no reason they all clap and the dude/gal giving the presentation is super-surprised about the adulation.

I know that I work. I know that I work rather good. But I don’t give presentations every single day to a room full of people in suits. Perhaps I am not doing any worthwhile work at all! Because the ads sell stuff to “working people” giving presentations and I don’t. Perhaps they are targeting only the movie characters that do give presentations all the time at work.