The wedding begins

Starting from today the wedding events begin. 🙂 The events start from today all the way until Sunday, the 9th of Nov.

The actual wedding happens on the 6th of November, but until then we have a bunch of poojas. It ends with a small-and-concise reception in Bangalore on the 9th.

Interacting with Bezier Surfaces in VTK Designer 2

My colleague Brian wrote a vtkBezierSurfaceWidget that can work with vtkBezierSurfaceSource to help users in interactively manipulating the control points of a bezier surface; and hence manipulating the surface. If you checkout from the SVN, you can find both these classes in there. Take a look at the video below.

If you cant see the video embedded in this blog, then click here:

Force New Tabs in Firefox

Ever had this problem in Firefox, where you are on a page doing something important, and you accidentally click on a bookmark (in the bookmark tab) causing your current page contents to be lost?

I just found an interesting plugin for FF today that solves this problem: Tab Mix Plus. With this plugin you can force FF to open bookmarks in a new tab. Not only that it gives you a whole lot of “tab control”. FF tabs become more usable and informative with this addon. Check it out, I am sure you will like it too.

VTK Designer 2.6.1 Now Available

A new version of VTK Designer is now available. Changes include

* Ability to add/edit notes in the pipeline
* Moving to GCF Version 2
* A vtkBezierSurfaceSource algorithm
* Lots of new examples
* Lots of new wrappers
* Forms can be loaded to the canvas
* Fixed crashes caused by data-file-loader.
* Data files referenced in the pipeline can be relative to the position of the project file.
* Ability to capture snapshots of the pipeline and the output to clipboard for pasting into documents.

Basically this version is pretty stable and I sincerely suggest users to uninstall the old version and use this one.

Download the new version from here:

Very nostalgic…

Search for Qt, KDE etc and look at the cached versions of the search results. Brings back the gool ol’ days to memory.

Bezier Surfaces in VTK Designer 2

I gave a talk on VTK Designer to a group of engineers working at Honeywell in Bangalore. During the presentation they asked me a lot of questions about how one can visualize Bezier surfaces in VTK and/or VTK Designer 2. At that time I could only provide them with a conceptual inputs on the topic, but no real code.

I came back and started working on including a vtkBezierSurfaceSource algorithm in VTK Designer 2. After a good lot of trial and errors, I decided to stop beating myself black and blue with it. Recently I discovered That page explains bezier surface generation quite simply. I used the code and materials from there and created/committed a bezier surface generation algorithm. The results are quite awesome 🙂

[Download a PDF article on this from here]

To get well made bezier surfaces, all you need to do is construct a pipeline as shown below.

Once I got this working, I wrote to Paul asking for his permission to use his algorithm in VTK Designer 2. He was kind enough to let us use it. You can update from the SVN and find a BezierSurface example and the vtkBezierSurfaceSource algorithm.

Currently I am randomly placing the control points, but I want to be able to provide a bezier control points manipulation widget.

If you have the OpenHapticsVTK plugin, I would really encourage you to do some haptics rendering of the surface. Its good 🙂

PS: I must mention that vtkBezierSurfaceSource has not been tested to perfection. It works well enough to generate the kind of eye candy you can see above 😉

FOSS.IN 2008

It is getting even more developer oriented: