Strange bug in the Windows Vista File System

I can reproduce this.

1. Create a file C:Program FilesMyDirectorySample.txt (May need permissions)

2. Write some text into it and save it (Launch the editor in admin mode)
3. Open the file to check whether the contents were saved.
4. Now shift+delete MyDirectoy from C:Program Files
5. Repeat step 1 and 2. But in the second step write some other text.
6. Close and open the file. You can see the old contents only 🙁

Can anyone else please verify this?

VTK Designer 2.6 is out

We just released VTK Designer 2.6 Beta. Some of the interesting new features (on top of the obvious performance improvements because of moving to Qt 4.4 and updating the canvas code etc…) are

0. VTK Designer 2.6 now uses GCF 2
1. You can now add notes to the pipeline
2. You can load UI forms on to the canvas
3. Data files referenced in the pipeline can be relative to the position of the project file.
4. New wrappers.
5. Whole lot of new examples

Million thanks to Ariya for Screenie.

Taking notes in VTK Designer

VTK Designer is used as a teaching and design-communication tool by many people. While explaining a network design to somebody, it might be useful to insert notes in the pipeline and explain something. A recent commit to the repository makes this possible.

You can right click on any empty area in the pipeline and select add-note to add a note to the pipeline. Double click on the note and insert your note into it. Notes can be resized. If you dont want a note, you can simply close it. Notes are saved with your pipeline so it is always available when someone reopens it.

The note’s SVG is taken from Plasma. I am wondering if we should just replace the pipeline editor with something thats based on libplasma.

VTK Designer 2, GCF, svn:externals

Upto now, checking out a copy of the VTK Designer 2 code was a pain. First one had to checkout VTK Designer 2, then checkout GCF and then compile the whole thing. All of this was because I had no clue that there was something called svn:externals property. Girish told me about it quite some time ago and I thought of experimenting with it today. It does work 🙂

So, people who already have VTKDesigner2… Simply checkout a copy of the code from
and get started. Thats it. 🙂

Crash Course on GCF

Vasudha and I are rewriting the GCF Developers Manual. We decided to take a slightly different approach to the manual this time. The previous version of the developer’s manual was more like “GCF Reference Documentation in a Nutshell”. This time the manual will be different.

One of the chapter’s that I was responsible for writing was “Crash Course on GCF”. As I began writing the chapter, it became very evident to me that the chapter was one of the most imporant ones in the manual. So, I made a copy of the chapter, printed it into PDF and uploaded it to our website.

If you want to have a really quick introduction to whats available in GCF2, take a look at the PDF now. In just 39 pages you will get to see almost every feature that GCF has to offer. I would really appreciate your feedback and comments.