Couldn’t file I-T returns? Don’t panic

The last date to file your income-tax return is just three days away. But if you are a salaried individual and can’t file your return by July 31, don’t worry. Because you still have a little less than two years — till March 31, 2010 — to do that.

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I used to think that I was alone in this… but I am not :)

UGC has listed out a bunch of names of management universities that are “fake”: It is not surprising to see IIPM’s name in that list. “Indian Institute of Planning & Management(IIPM),133/4,Qutab Enclave,Phase-II, New Delhi � 110 016.”

I always had a feeling that IIPM was all about Times Of India ads, and Arindham Chowdhary and his book “count your chickens before they hatch”. The articles below and the UGC website now seems to support this feeling. Every time I looked at their TOI ads, I always felt that they were very superficial (all-glamour-no-substance type). I really hope people stop thinking of IIPM as an option and look at the other “real” options available to them.

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GUI for “Sequel – Circuit Simulator” is based on GCF

Over the past year and a half we have been working with the EE department of IIT Bombay in creating a easy to use GUI for their Sequel circuit simulator. I have had an opportunity to work with Prof. Patil and Prof. Chandolkar of EE Department IIT Bombay. One of the things anyone will notice in them is that they are exceptionally brilliant and at the same time completely simple and down-to-earth.

Coming back to Sequel simulator. When we started working on creating a GUI for them, they had a simulator that would accept the description of a power-electronics circuit via a “circuit file” and generate the output in “data files”. These data files were then read using some sort of plotting program like “gnu-plot” and the results were studied.

What they wanted was a GUI in which they could drag-and-drop circuit elements into a canvas, connect them, configure them, create and edit simulation scenarios and run the simulation. After the simulation is complete, the user should be able to observe the output within the GUI itself.

GUI for Sequel (which we call SequelGUI) project started in March of 2007. By then GCF was almost ready. VTK Designer 2 wasyet to take shape, but the component framework was more or less done. So we decided to use GCF for SequelGUI also. We took some time to get to a stage where the GUI could be used to create ciircuit files and input it to the simulator and then visualize the output using Qwt based plots. Once we crossed that, we worked on making the UI look interesting. As a result of all the work, this is what we have now 🙂 [Click on the image to view a larger screenshot]

As you can see we have used many of the standard GCF components in SequelGUI. PropertyEditor, StdMainWindow, MessageLog to name a few. Thats one of the kick-ass advantages of GCF – “reusability”. SequelGUI can now be used to create some fairly large circuits. For example: [Click on the image to view a larger screenshot]

Once the simulation is done, the user can study the output in a Qwt-based GraphSystem component. [Click on the image to view a larger screenshot]

We are still working on a few minor aspects here and there, but the GUI is usable. Prof. Patil has been conducting classes in IITB, engineering colleges and conferences all over India demonstrating the simulator and GUI. I have a feeling that, with his effort, most EE students in India will begin using the tool. That will be a happy day for us; and me personally. I get great kicks out of knowing that a product that I worked on will be used by a large number of people.

For more information about the project you can visit: They have not announced the availability of the GUI yet, but they will in time. Two people that I want to thank for this project, Prof. Chandolkar and Prof. Patil.

Got my VISA…

I got my VISA to travel to Belgium for Akademy. That was the last of the hurdles to clear for making the trip happen. With that out of the way, I am now 100% sure that I will be flying to Belgium for attending Akademy 🙂

So you want to be a programmer?

I thought that this was a very interesting article. +20Million to this point I often get personally asked, and see the question come up online a
lot, what courses a person should take in college if they want to
become a professional programmer. I took a fairly broad range of
classes in college (Caltech), and have been programming for 30 years
now, so I have some perspective on what has worked for me and what
hasn’t. ………….
Chemistry – I never properly understood chemistry. This deficit doesn’t
seem to have mattered in my career. Chemistry seemed to be more
oriented towards memorization, and trial and error. I don’t think that
applies much to programming

Dell XPS 1530 arrives :-)

I got my new Dell Laptop today. It is an absolute treat. Some powerhouse laptop it is… 15in Widescreen Truelife LCD, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, Core Duo Intel Processor, NVIDIA 8600 MGT, Integrated WebCam, WiFi, Bluetooth headphones, noise cancellation earphones, Vista Home Premium…. good value for money.

Akademy preperations…

Got my tickets booked to Belgium, booked my stay, got the conference invite.. next step: apply for VISA.

I have also placed an order for Dell XPS 1530. It should arrive anytime next week. I was thinking of buying it for quite sometime, felt that I needed a better laptop for this year.

Last week I downloaded OpenSuSE 11, in preparation for welcoming the new laptop 🙂