Generic Component Framework – Help

One of the nice things about programming with Qt is “Qt Assistant”. One of the sexiest documentation tools in the market today, by my opinion. We wanted to ensure that developers are able to access GCF documentation from within Qt Assistant as well. The new QtHelp module in Qt 4.4 helps us to do all this magic.

  • We now have a HelpSystem module (written by my colleague Vasudha) in GCF. Using this module you can quickly provide a help browser in your GCF-Qt applications.
  • We also have tools that automatically generate HTML documentation (using doxygen), extract keywords (using doxytag), generate QHP and QHCP files (using our own DoxygenToQHP tool) and generate QCH and QHC files for Qt Assistant and QtHelp module to make use of.

The screenshots below show the magic in action 🙂

Update your copy of GCF from our SVN servers to catch hold of this update.

Linux Resource Centre

Recently the founders of Linux Learning Centre spawned another company called Linux Resource Centre (LRC) to provide support for companies interested in adopting GNU/Linux for their enterprise. So far they were just teaching IT staff in companies on GNU/Linux Desktop and Server configuration, Apache, MySQL, PHP and so on; now they are also offering support via LRC.

In my opinion it is a neat growth path for LLC. They are among the best in RedHat training. The same team is now boot strapping LRC. A former colleague of mine at LLC, one Mr. Girish is now heading LRC. If your enterprise needs to deploy Linux, LRC is surely a one stop shop for you.