GCF won the 3rd Place in QtCentre Contest

“Generic Component Framework” the foundation on which VTK Designer 2 sits, won the 3rd place in the QtCentre Contest. When the finalists were put up I practically gave up because the other entries were mature projects while GCF had about 2-3 months of effort (I had sent GCF build 102 for the contest today we have GCF build 590) put in at that time and it was not well tested (atleast on Linux as they rightly pointed out). Today GCF is in a much mature stage thanks to the VTK Designer project.

Anyways, it was very cool to see a mention of GCF in the final results page. I am very happy to say that it won the 3rd place in the contest.

As a result of all this I hope I will get Johan’s book Foundations of Qt® Development.

PHANToM Omni Haptic Device with VTK Designer

We have managed to get the PHANToM Omni working with VTK Designer (and VTK ofcourse) using SensAble Technology’s Open Haptics toolkit. They have some some pretty amazing work. Making VTK work with the haptic device was not all that complicated. We just had to read a bunch of materials (read documentation, sample code etc) and the rest was pretty obvious.

With the work done so far, I am able to touch and feel any object in VTK Designer. Not just that, I can also set material properties for each object in terms of stiffness, dampness, friction etc.. Whats more, we can also design simple virtual assembly type of applications.

In the coming months, I hope to get more of haptics working in VTK Designer 2.

Back to Windows XP Professional

Unfortunately the vendor of the hardware device I bought last week does not support Windows Vista. So I had to switch back to Windows XP Professional. It sucks, but then I really did not want to blow away all the effort (and money) that went behind getting the device just because of an OS problem.

Now the device works and the SDK works too 🙂 I hope to update this space with some exciting stuff in the coming weeks.