Bought a copy of Windows Vista Business yesterday. Why Windows Vista Business? Because it costs less than Home Premium, the only other edition that comes with Aero (apart from Ultimate ofcourse). It costed something like 8000 bucks !!! but I believe its worth luxury/premium price (atleast so far I believe that 😉 )

Some of my old apps dont run. VS2005 Standard installs properly, but when I started it for the first time I was asked to download a 500 MB service pack!!!! All the other software that I have works quite well. Qt 4.2.3, VTK 5.0.3, VTK Designer 2 (development version) all work quite well. All the commercial projects that I am involved in also work well on Vista.

I am from the non-WindowsHaters camp. Not that I like Windows (in all respects) either. But then I dont really care. I have used OpenSuSE 10.1 and 10.2 both of which are very very very impressive. It is a complete pleasure to work on them. I have been a Windows user and have been doing development on Windows for quite a few years now and my experience has been good. It has been extremely good ever since I started using genuine software. GNU/Linux has always been a developer paradise for me and it will continue to be.

The Aero Interface looks good. Applications seem to start faster on Vista. Maybe because the registry is not cluttered yet. I am however not a fan of the so called “improved user control” system in Vista. It asks me for permission when any process does anything on the C drive. Couple of concepts in Vista have also changed. For example the Windows Explorer doesnt look like “Windows Explorer” anymore. It is refreshingly new. Instant search feature is quite good. I really liked Windows Photo Gallery. After fSpot I guess Windows Photo Gallery is the only photo software my tiny little brain could comprehend.

Windows Vista is surely not as bad as some reviews have painted it to be. All in all, Windows Vista is good but for the “price tag” and nagging questions and the lack of support for old apps. If only I could control my curiosity about Vista longer, I would have bought a copy of Vista a couple of months later and saved some more money.

People and Decisions

Starting and growing your own business is probably the best way to learn about realities and life. I have probably learned the best of the lessons in life over the last two years.

Lesson #1: Most people do not have what it takes to make and keep promises.
I have interacted with people that have made promises and have failed to keep them. When they make the promise, they seem to have made it with a genuine intention. But then as time progresses, they realize that it takes real strength to keep a promise. Thats when they back out and back out in a really nasty way.

The lesson to be learned here is: never trust a promise. People really dont make promises.

Lesson #2: When someone says “they are confused about doing something”.. they really mean “they are not going to do it” PERIOD.
Confusion comes from the lack of strength to make decisions and the inability to tell no. Most people dont want to tell no to things because they fear looking bad in front of others. But they cannot say yes either. Thats when they will come up with the whole “I am confused” drama. So to save their time and our time.. it is best to conclude – “they really want to say no” and move on.

Lesson #3: Most people want to have the fruit without working hard to get it.
This really amazes me. People will go to any extent and explain how the world is unfair and how people are wrong when they dont get the fruit. But they fail to realize that they have really not worked for it. Everyone wants to be a Narayana Murthy or a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs, but the question is how many people are willing to put the kind of effort and struggle that these people have put in life?