VTK Designer 2

That was the month of October 2006. That was when the last major update to VTK Designer was provided to the world. Since then I received a lot of email about VTK Designer for VTK 5.x and VTK Designer for Windows.

Since my company purchased a copy of Qt 4.2 for Windows, we also got the commercial edition of Qt 3.3.7 for Windows. So I thought of preparing a port of VTK Designer 1.0.5 for Windows. But it turned out to be a nightmare. Things just did not work out easy for me. So we dropped the whole VTK Designer 1.x series working on Windows thing and moved on to VTK Designer 2.

Before speaking more about VTK Designer 2, here is a screenshot of it running on Windows Vista showing a beautiful terrain visualization scene.

Thats right, “VTK Designer 2” works on Windows Vista now!. I have compiled it on Windows XP, Ubuntu 7.04, openSuSE 10.2 as well, and it works on all of them. 🙂

I have been trying to prepare a simple video demonstration so that I can upload it to YouTube and show some of the cool new features of “VTK Designer 2” but the damn network is slow today. Hopefully the upload should be done in a couple of minutes.